Thanks for taking a moment to find your way to this place. My harp is on the quiet side of life these days as we enter summer. But when fall turns into winter, I am very active with the harp. Until then, Katherine and I find ourselves in the yard planting plants and weeding weeds. On a bad day, I might find myself accidentally planting weeds and weeding plants! Please give me a shout to say hello and let me know what you are up to.

All the best to you.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton




2 thoughts on “Greetings Fellow Harp Enthusiast

  1. Just finished listing to “Reflections” and Katherines CD of Love Songs. Janice and I attended your concerts in Bremerton at least three times back in 200+. Never have forgotten your beautiful music and wonder how you are. Janice even hired your trio of musicians for my 70th Birthday Party in Bremerton.

    Will you have any concerts this fall? Would love to hear you again.
    Sincerely, Rod Smith


    1. Hi Rod,
      Thank you for your enthusiastic support of my music. I am still doing my Christmas concerts. Its hard to get people to come out for harp concerts other times of the year. We loved coming to Bremerton to the high school for awhile and also to Central Kitsap Presbyterian Church. Admittedly I am slowing down a bit. No health issues or anything like that. We garden a lot these days and make things a little less stress oriented. Its stressful presenting concerts and not a lot of people show up. But at Christmas people come. We will be in Everett, Kirkland and Mt Vernon. All the best to you.


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