Christmas Concerts are set



Wait….I’m not running FOR anything and I’m not running FROM anything! What a lot of political mail we are receiving this year! Though we need brave souls to occupy the political positions, please don’t think I am one of those brave souls. 

However, if you think a “brave soul” is one who is going to be organizing another annual Christmas concert filled with beautiful traditional songs of Christmas, than I am that “brave soul!” I am running FOR your support of such a worthy cause and running FROM the shopping malls to bring to you the true joy of the season. 

Thank you for attending our concert last year. I hope that you will be able to attend again this year. Since you were present last year I don’t need to explain what the concerts are like. Because of tradition that comes with the Christmas season, some songs must always be on the program. However, we present them in slightly different ways each year. Some songs on the program will be new and some songs won’t be Christmas. You know the routine and you know the schtick. 

I am counting upon you to tell your friends and neighbors about the Christmas concerts. I am the first to admit that I am not culturally relevant. Playing the harp does not equate with cultural relevancy. I do not attract media coverage to spread the word about the Christmas concert. I do not have a Twitter account or a very good web page and I am not adept (one could say I am INEPT) at Facebook. Therefore, I need your help to tell others about the concert. 

On December 18th we will be at the Everett Performing Arts Center, December 19th at the Kirkland Performance Center and we will be in Mt Vernon on December 20th at McIntyre Hall. All concerts will be at 7:30. Unfortunately we will not be having a matinee this year because street parking is too problematic during the day. 

December 18th Everett Performing Arts Center, 2710 Wetmore Ave, Everett, WA 98201

For tickets call 425.257.8600 or

December 19th Kirkland Performance Center, 350 Kirkland Ave, Kirkland, WA 98033

For tickets call 425.893.9900 or

December 20th McIntyre Hall, 2501 East College Way, Mt Vernon, WA 98273

For tickets call 360.416.7727 or


All tickets are $24. When I began doing these concerts many years ago, the price I decided to charge was twice that of a movie ticket on Saturday night. At that time movies were $4. Now they are $12. The value of our Christmas concert is still worth twice that of a movie. As an incentive to organize a group to attend, all theaters have a group rate of $20 for 10 or more. See what you can do to round up the neighborhood. 


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